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Travel 29 Aug 2007 01:58 pm

Q&A with SkyBus CEO

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Popular Science interviews SkyBus CEO Bill Diffenderffer. Some may see SkyBus’ strategy of offering cheap plane tickets but charging for everything to be nickle-and-diming the customer. Diffenderffer counters:

Q: Your business model also requires passengers to pay for any extras—drinks, blankets—piecemeal. Will consumers go for that?
A: They were paying for it before! Those were never free. Why should you be made to pay for all those sodas and blankets that other people use that you don’t?

Q: You’re even charging for checked luggage, $5 a bag.
A: If you don’t check a bag, why should you pay for those who do? We make our prices very clear, so we’ve had very few complaints. If you pay $80 for a Skybus flight instead of $180 for the competitor’s flight, and you pay $5 for a bag and $2 for a soda, that’s $87 versus $180. America can do that much math.

Flying à la Carte: Q&A with Skybus’s CEO” [via Instapundit]

Travel 23 May 2007 02:29 pm

Skybus Airlines Takes Low-Cost Flight to New Levels

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$10 for an airline ticket. That’s a gimmick Skybus Airlines is using to hook people into its ultra-low cost flying model. On every Skybus flight ten seats will sell for $10. Other seats can run from $37 to $330 if you buy at the last minute.

How does Skybus plan to make money? You will be charged for everything:

The airline sells soft drinks, juice and water for $2, alcoholic beverages for $5 and, if you really want to splurge, a small bottle of champagne for $10. Candy bars and potato chips go for $2. If you are looking for a little more to eat, a sandwich will run you $10.

Each checked in bag costs $5 and boarding first will set you back $10. Then there’s the catalogs flight attendants push on you. ABC News’ Scott Mayerowitz called it, “the Home Shopping Network at 35,000 feet.” In addition Skybus hopes to sell naming rights for individual planes.

Money is saved by flying into less-trafficked airports, boarding the plane via stairs instead of the more costly gate, self-check in, and buying tickets only on the web.

If you can put up with being nickeled and dimed to death and are willing to fly through Columbus, OH Skybus could be a way to save you a lot of money.


Travel 26 Dec 2006 03:06 pm

Smash Your Passport!

U.S. passport

To those overly paranoid international travelers Wired gives you some advice on how to “fix” those new RFID-tagged passports. Just dig through your toolbox.

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