Eddie Griffin in Man Law commercial
Beer commercials have been a staple at burning funny, memorable moments into your tiny, little skulls. At work today if you mention rubber floors many will tell you how funny they think those Bud Light ads are. With the Man Law series of ads it Miller Lite came upon something as hooky as their “Great Taste, Less Filling” ads in the 70s and 80s. It didn’t hurt to have the ads loaded with entertainers, football players, bull riders, and pro wrestlers. But ads are all about selling the product. The Man Law ads made for some laughs, but it didn’t seal the deal for Miller Lite:

However, Miller Lite’s sales were uneven during the campaign, which also featured radio spots.

The company reported last week that Miller Lite’s sales grew 1.5% during the quarter that ended Dec. 31, compared with the same period one year earlier. That came after an unspecified “low single-digit decline” during the six months ending Sept. 30, a period that coincided with much of the “Man Laws” campaign.

For the full year, Miller Lite’s sales dropped an estimated 0.5% in 2006, according to Beer Marketer’s Insights.

Miller Lite is now running ads focusing on the awards its beer has won and mocking competitiors who “add” “GHT” to their reduced-calorie brews. Miller CEO Tom Long told Beer Business Daily, “It’s a great campaign, but the environment has changed a lot since we originally set out with it. We feel like it’s time to start putting some more focus back on the reasons why Miller Lite is simply a better beer than other competitive light beers.”

The Men of the Square Table might make a return, but judging by the lack of a sales boost why bother?