Travel 29 Aug 2007 01:58 pm

Q&A with SkyBus CEO

by Sean Hackbarth

Skybus logo

Popular Science interviews SkyBus CEO Bill Diffenderffer. Some may see SkyBus’ strategy of offering cheap plane tickets but charging for everything to be nickle-and-diming the customer. Diffenderffer counters:

Q: Your business model also requires passengers to pay for any extras—drinks, blankets—piecemeal. Will consumers go for that?
A: They were paying for it before! Those were never free. Why should you be made to pay for all those sodas and blankets that other people use that you don’t?

Q: You’re even charging for checked luggage, $5 a bag.
A: If you don’t check a bag, why should you pay for those who do? We make our prices very clear, so we’ve had very few complaints. If you pay $80 for a Skybus flight instead of $180 for the competitor’s flight, and you pay $5 for a bag and $2 for a soda, that’s $87 versus $180. America can do that much math.

Flying à la Carte: Q&A with Skybus’s CEO” [via Instapundit]

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