Food 03 May 2007 05:26 am

Profit Boost Means More Mint Juleps for Yum Brands

by Sean Hackbarth

Yum Brands logos

Rats couldn’t stop Yum Brands (YUM) from boosting profits 14%. The dirty, nasty rodents who starred on an internet video clip scurrying around a New York City Taco Bell/KFC are the company’s excuse for a 12% decrease in domestic sales. Fortunately for Yum foreigners didn’t care about the sanitary conditions of Big Apple stores. International sales shot up 56% in the first quarter.

Yum’s numbers should make for an enjoyable Kentucky Derby, sponsored by the Louisville-based company. The first round of mint juleps are on CEO David Novak.

In related news Yum announced that KFC and Taco Bell are now trans fat free. The rats rejoice. Nothing is worse than eating food off the floor only to find out it’s plugging up your arteries.


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