Technology 14 Feb 2007 11:14 pm

Wii Have a Winner

by Sean Hackbarth

Woman with Wiimote

During the Christmas shopping season it was understandable to have trouble finding a Nintendo Wii. It was brand new, had a cult gamer following, looks fun to play, and even the best companies have trouble making enough product to meet huge early demand. We’re now a few months after the Wii’s debut and people are still having trouble finding the machine.

First, Faisal Laljee at SeekingAlpha:

I visited no less than 6 stores on Monday night – EB Games, GameStop (GME), Best Buy (BBY) and Target (TGT). None of them had the Wii in stock. I spoke to one of the employees at GameStop and he told me that they get Wii shipments from time to time, but the units sell within minutes. Talk about demand.

Next, Eric Savitz at

I was looking for an excuse to rant about my Nintendo Wii shopping experiences and now I have one. In that note I just mentioned from Citigroup’s Bill Sims about a walk-through of a Best Buy (BBY) store in Orlando, the analyst mentions that due to huge demand for the Nintendo Wii, the retailer is “struggling to keep them in stock.”

Yeah, I’ll say.

He found one for an inflated price on Craig’s List.

In contrast Laljee said a GameStop employee informed him Playstation 3 machines were “stacked up in the back.” Don’t feel too sorry for Sony they’re getting record pre-orders in the U.K. Let’s see if they can deliver.

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