Technology 31 Jan 2007 06:00 am

Waiting on that Vista Upgrade

by Sean Hackbarth

Microsoft Windows Vista logo

I heard a rumor that some wizbang, new computer operating system was thrust upon the world. To celebrate Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Vista I reformatted my Dell notebook and reinstalled Windows XP.

Why didn’t I run out to a store Monday night to grab a copy at midnight? First, I’m pretty sure my desktop with only 512 MB of RAM would need an upgrade, and I know Vista would laugh at my Celeron-powered notebook with its measly 256 MB of RAM. (Hey, as weblogging and web surfing machines they both do just fine.) Second, when you upgrade an operating system you have to hope all the stuff connected to your machine will work properly with the new OS. I find it less frustrating to buy a new OS pre-loaded on a new machine. I let the computer makers mess around with initial hardware and software compatibilities. Third and most important, I want to let the geeks who get the (good) shakes when they play with the latest tech bang it around to see where the weaknesses are and what works with it. With Microsoft already planning on a service pack for Vista when I get a new computer later in the year quite a few of Vista’s bugs will have been squashed.

2 Responses to “Waiting on that Vista Upgrade”

  1. on 30 Jan 2007 at 11:19 pm 1.Arturo said …

    Get a mac, please. Vista is just a more heavy version of XP, but you should try mac os x, it is a breeze, for work, for fun. for internet it is amazing, try it please before buying a new computuer and do yourself a favor. but apart from that: Nice blog, keep up the good work, and if you can read spanish maybe you could go and check my blog. :)

  2. on 31 Jan 2007 at 10:06 am 2.Sean Hackbarth said …

    Arturo, I’d love to try OSX. Unfortunately that would mean I have to get a new computer. That’s not something I’m willing or able to do at the moment. XP is doing well with me now so I don’t see a need to instantly upgrade. I’m sure I’m not the only Windows user who feels that way so Microsoft might not get the revenue boost they’re hoping for.

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