Shopping 13 Dec 2006 02:12 pm

Must Love Dogs

by Sean Hackbarth

Dog or child? Dog or child? Dogs are Man’s best friend. They can be faithful companions. Children on the other hand smell, make messes, are loud, can be demanding, cost you an arm and a leg to send them to college, and can give you a nervous breakdown for their outrageous exploits. Still, most people, when out for a quick trip to Neiman Marcus, would choose to take the kid with them into the store. Not this Arizona woman:

Gardenia Zakrzewski-Johansson was arrested in the mall parking lot outside Neiman Marcus after valets watched her walk into the store with a small dog under her arm, directing them to watch her car with the child inside.

“I’ll be quick, don’t tell anybody,” Zakrzewski told one of the valets before going into the store for nearly 30 minutes, according to the police report.

The woman’s excuse: the valets were suppose to watch the kid. Next time, get a babysitter. You shop at Neiman Marcus. You can afford it.


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