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Green Onions Not Source of Taco Bell E. Coli

by Sean Hackbarth

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Taco Bell and its parent Yum Brands (YUM) haven’t had a few good days. Last week, customers in the Northeast came down with E. coli. At first health officials thought the source was green onions which made the faux-Mexican restaurant chain to toss out their nationwide supply. Now, further tests find green onions weren’t the source. To make things worse the Washington Post reports:

Meanwhile, nearly three dozen people have fallen ill with symptoms consistent with E. coli infection after eating at a Taco John’s restaurant in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

YUM stock has taken a 6% hit since the news came out. Uncertainly of the E. coli source won’t help it.


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  1. on 04 Jan 2007 at 2:37 pm 1.Staunton News said …

    Green Onions Not Source of Taco Bell E. Coli…

    Don’t risk it, don’t eat at Taco bell!
    Nineteen people in New Jersey have been sickened, two of them seriously, by E. coli infections, and a Taco Bell fast food restaurant in South Plainfield, N.J. Hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can be …

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