Economy 14 Dec 2006 08:00 am

Against the Law to Melt Pennies and Nickels

by Sean Hackbarth

Put away any thoughts of turning that big booze bottle full of coins into valuable industrial commodities. Because it’s getting so expensive to make coins the U.S. Mint is outlawing the melting of pennies and nickels. You can’t take more than $5 of the coins with you when you leave the country and can only ship $100 abroad. A little ingenuity can solve that. Just find your nearest international drug dealer and make a deal. The mules he uses to smuggle in the smack can be the same ones to transport your coinage. That’s of course if the condom’s don’t break on the way into the U.S.

Man smelting

If you’re really in the mood for some metal mayhem you could try cornering the silver market, but you’d probably wind up worse off than the Hunt brothers.


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